Assembly Instructions

If you thought geodesic domes were too complicated to have any utility for ordinary uses, you should look again. This dome has only two components. The first is a joint that is the same as every other joint.  You can build a dome or a sphere and the joints are interchangeable at any connection in the assembly.

You will have to cut the plastic pipe into pieces that are the same length depending on how big you want the dome or sphere to be.


If you want a 5 foot diameter dome, you find the radius (30 inches) and multiply by .4035 which is called a chord factor.  Deduct four inches and that is the length of the straight pipes. A 5’ diameter dome will need 8” pieces of straight pipe (60 ea.)

            6’ diameter dome – 10 ½”               10’ diameter dome – 20”

            8’ diameter dome – 15 3/8”             12’ diameter dome – 25”

You can buy 10’ lengths of ABS pipe at most building supply stores. Be sure the ends are cut square to insure a good fit.


Look at the joints you have purchased. The collar is labeled with one “A” and two “B”s. Use five straight pipes to connect the “B” collars first. Look at the picture on this page and make a pentagon (five sided figure.) Be sure to lay it on a flat surface to avoid a warped assembly or disoriented “A” collars. Make six pentagons.

I recommend that you use sheet metal screws (1/2” #6) to dry fit (no glue) the assembly. Glue provides the strongest possible dome (for a jungle gym ) but you cannot take the assembly apart after gluing so be sure you like the size and and all the joints are fitting properly before you use glue.

Next, you will connect the “A” collars with five pentagons in a circle and one pentagon at the top. Look carefully at the picture on this page. You have built a 30 joint dome. If you want a taller dome, take two joints and connect the “B” collars with straight pipes.  Then connect this assembly to the “A” collars on the bottom of the dome ( “A” to “A”) that  you have already built (the empty “B” collars will face the ground.) You have built a 40 joint dome. Congratulations it’s YourOwnDome.


You can use reinforced clear plastic to protect sand piles or things like cement. Remember to anchor the dome so the wind doesn’t take it away.  You can put screen on the dome to keep birds off your fruit until it’s ripe. There are zipper access panels available at if you want a play house or a potting shed or even a green house. Be careful. Any cover that sheds water will restrict air flow. Be sure to ventilate, don’t asphyxiate.


A sphere requires sixty joints and ninety pieces of straight pipe. Have fun.