FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the proper term for the plastic gizmo?
  • Here's a brief history. I have always refered to it as a geodesic dome joint or just “Joint” for short. The patent attorneys verbalized the daylights out of things and didn't like the term “Joint”.

    It then became a connector and since you might fabricate it at the same O.D. as the 2-inch pipe and use slip couplings to attach it, the attorneys refered to the female ends (3 ea.) as “couplings.”

    I will be refering to the couplings as collars in the assembly video. Context is really the best guide. If the conversation is about the dome joint in specific terms (The joint is made up of..) you would be better off to call it a connector with three couplings for glue up to the straight sections. My label on the boxes says “40 Connectors.”