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If you thought geodesic domes were too complicated to have any utility for ordinary uses, you should look again. This dome has only two components. The first is a joint that is the same as every other joint. You can build a dome or a sphere and the joints are interchangeable at any connection in the assembly. The second is a straight section of 2 inch ABS plastic pipe (it comes in 10 foot sections at Home Depot or Lowes.) You will have to cut the plastic pipe into pieces that are the same length depending on how big you want the dome or sphere to be. If you want a 5 foot diameter dome, you find the radius (30 inches) and multiply by .4035 which is called a chord factor. That is the distance between the center of the joints.

You will deduct 4 inches from the chord factor (30 X .4035 = 12.105 inches - 4 inches = 8.105 inches) and cut the pipe to that length (8 inches is close enough.) You will need sixty pieces of pipe to make a dome and ninety pieces to make a sphere. You will need forty joints to make a dome and sixty joints to make a sphere. The joints are labeled on the connector sleeve. Preassemble six pentagons (5 sided figures) for a dome and twelve pentagons for a sphere. You will use the "B" sleeves. Then connect the pentagons using the "A" sleeves. You now have a dome frame or a sphere frame for whatever you want to make. Use clear plastic for a greenhouse or a tarp or solid color for temporary storage. Leave the cover off for a lattice or a water feature. Screening material can be used to limit ultraviolet rays if you want to cover the little ones' sandbox.