What you can Build

The only limit is your own imagination. Here are some suggestions

            Jungle Gym

                        For toddlers (5 ft. dia.)
                        For teens (10 ft. dia.)

            Portable hen pen

                       Move it around to keep from wrecking the grass.
                       The hens love the new turf. You can add components and make it a hen house.

            A Sun and Watering Station

                        If you have a lot of plants that need a little outside time.

            A Kids water fun assembly

                        Build it over a tarp on a slope and create a slide.

            Water feature

                       A small painted dome (any color) with holes to create spray patterns.
                       It also will aerate water if you have fish. You will need a pump and fittings.

            A Green House

                       Use your imagination for covers.
                       Plastic sheeting to keep things warm.
                       Netting to keep birds off.
                       6X6 wire mesh and chicken wire to keep out raccoons and critters.
                       A tarp to protect from hail or frost.

            Arabian Nights

                        A tent full of pillows and electric lanterns with colored filters, anywhere you choose.